T A I W A N 2 0 1 6

Sorry, all. I have been slightly MIA these few weeks months. Now that March is almost over (Where did the time go!), what better time than to start talking about.. February? 

Yeah, that's right. F E B R U A R Y. I finally got the chance to return to the motherland to see almost all my family. I remember talking to my dad about what Taiwan was like during Chinese New Year. He then asked if I wanted to go with him this year, and I of course hesitated worrying over taking days off of work (I'm a work dork). However, everything seemed to work out on that end, and I got to see myself on a nonstop flight to Taiwan!

I was extremely excited to get to see all my new baby nieces and nephews. I'm an auntie! Took me awhile to get used to being called that, but you couldn't take that title away from me. Why did I get so attached, knowing that I'll just have to leave them in a few days? That's a loaded question, isn't it?

CNY in Taiwan is kind of cray, especially the malls on New Years. It's all those people trying to spend those red envelopes!


It's kind of tricky to get here. Bouncing from one train to the other, you also have to catch a bus (the blue one in the photo). Warning: you might end up waiting hours on hours for this bus to get to the stop. But don't let the wait turn you away, because it'll be all worth it once you get up the hill~ 

Wish I got the memo to buy a poncho. I was that annoying girl with the umbrella in everybody's face. 
alleys on alleys.

L to R: Bean Curd & Fish Ball Soup
Taiwanese Sausages

Up the stairs, down the hallway, to the left, is where you will find the home of one of the most authentically delicious Jiufen Taro Balls. This is where they make 'em fresh every day. You can also buy a pound home to make for your loved ones!
Ooh, my mouth is salivating as I type. If you've never tried this, but you love boba, then you're missing out! 
My cousin. Isn't she presh?

You can also enjoy it with a nice foggy view~
Night Markets. 
One of the greatest things about Taiwan is their night markets. You finish off the night with a little food, shopping, and more food. Nothing says night market like wandering the streets with a snack-on-a-stick on one hand, and some spending money on the other. Not to mention, this is the perf opportunity for you to hone on those bargaining skills! 

One of the best chicken places in Taiwan ever. I first discovered it inside the food court at the Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Mall. Later, I was informed that the one in Taichung, Taiwan at the Fengjia Night Market is the HQ store. 

Ximending in Taipei
Ximending is a popular spot for the young 'uns. Once the sun goes down, people begin to crowd the these tiny streets. It's easy to get lost as you wander deeper and deeper, so be careful, you've been warned.

This was my last meal... at the cutest restaurant in town. 

Euro Breakfast Entree

Unfortunately, I had to cut this meal short because I had to catch a stupid flight back to reality. 

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most endearing moments in these past 10 days is simply getting to meet my nieces and nephews, seeing my cousins once again, and learning to play mahjong with my grandma. As a joke my cousin mentioned, all we did was play with kiddos and drink wine (non simultaneously, of course). But, that pretty much sums it up. 

Until next time! 




  1. Beautiful photos! So great that you got to make new memories with you family and meet your nieces and nephews =o)


    1. thanks! i know, i miss them already~