Asian Beauty Haul

I can't go to Taiwan without stopping by the beauty counter! You can probably catch me at either SaSa, CosMed, Watsons, or simply wandering up and down the halls at the department stores about 40% of the time on my trip.
Two things why I love Asian Beauty products:

  1. Our skin is just that unique. Sometimes, for example, with American brands (ex. M.A.C) the foundations can come off too heavy or harsh for my skin tone. With Asian products, they're more tailored to Asian specifications.
  2. They have some brands that they simply don't sell here in the states! I love that a lot of these formulas tailor to my oily T-zoned combination skin. 
As an added bonus, it's just fun wandering around these rows -- they have such interesting items in the cutest packaging!

As you see, there's quite a few in my basket. However, there's a few that happened to find its way into my daily routine. 
  1. Three Balancing Cleansing Oil -- I've been getting really into cleansing oils lately, and have been accustomed to using the Shu Uemura oil (which is why I re-bought one). However, I'm sorry Shu Uemura, but this Three cleansing oil have been receiving just a little bit more love as of late. Even though it is cheaper in price, the quality definitely does not disappoint. It doesn't emulsify as much as the Shu Uemura ones do. However, I love how it doesn't leave my face dried and in desperate need of a moisturizer after it's been cleansed. After washing off, it leaves my skin soft and hydrated.
  2. Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner -- Ok, I cannot praise this eyeliner enough. This was definitely love at first swipe. They advertised it as being somewhere in between a regular eyeliner and gel eyeliner. It literally glides on your lids so smoothly. And, it lasts for about 6-8 hours. I used to be a loyal Dollywink eyeliner user, which I still do love. But, this one. All I can say is, C L I O, Y O U  D I D  W E L L
  3. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister -- I had conflicting feelings about this one. It definitely does what it promises- lash expanding. I see it, I really do. However, what I'm hesitant about is the fact that it's so thinning. There is no volume to this mascara. But, when you combine it with another V O L U M I Z I N G mascara, the edge meister is perfection.
Clearly, I still have a lot more products to test out. Before I go, let me know if any of you tried these products as well & what do you think of it? or did I make you want to try any of these? :)