On Wednesdays, We Wear (Glossier) Pink

There's nothing like the new year to start worrying about rejuvenating your skin again, especially after all those holiday parties where you're caked with glitter. #Happy2016 
Anyone who frequents their social media feeds will probably recognize the brand Glossier, created by Into the Gloss. I've been dying to try it, and finally got my hands on a set over this winter season. Let me tell you, the hype definitely does not disappoint.

First of all, let's talk about the packaging - including the box it was shipped in. When you open it up, it looks so.. insta-worthy! I have never once had the urge to want to keep the shipping box before, but glossier had me hesitating (I ended up not though..).  The pink zippy packing bags are such a genius idea as well, it'll make such a cute traveling pack.

The stickers that they include to decorate the products are so cute that I have an inward battle on whether to use or not.

Shallowness aside, the products don't disappoint either.
Here's what's in the Phase 1 set:
  1. Priming Moisturizer
  2. Balm dot com
  3. Soothing Face Mist
  4. Perfecting Skin Tint
They claim to be hydrating (check!), gentle (check!), and refreshing (& check!). 

I found myself using the priming moisturizer and skin tint together almost every day, so much in fact that they found its way at the top of my vanity! 
Because it's an online company, selecting the right tint can be difficult. However, they do have a tool to help you choose your color based on your skin tone. 
Just a heads up though, their tints tend to stay on the lighter side. I usually use 'light' for my foundation tints, but for Glossier, I find myself going towards the dark side. 

The texture to both these items are so thin and moisturizing. It almost doesn't feel like you have any makeup on - almost like you have a photo filter on for the day! 

I liked it so much, I gifted one to my best friend for Christmas. Have y'all tried it? What do you think? Have you also tried their mask? Let me know down below! 

p.s. I am in no way sponsored by Glossier, but aw shucks if I was, that would be awesome! 




  1. Wow, the packaging is so pretty! It's minimalistic in the right amount, hehe. I didn't realize Into the Gloss started selling their own products, will have to check them out :B


  2. I'm a "packaging" girl, cute packaging will almost, always get me :D Gotta look into this, especially that it's hydrating and gentle. I need that with this crazy, bipolar weather we're having in texas. Thanks for sharing!