visiting chi-town

There were some mistakes I made for my first trip into Chicago. I didn't have a deep dish pizza. I didn't have a traditional Chicago hotdog. And, I didn't drink beer on tap. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed everything this gorgeous city has to offer. These were some points that I gathered from this quick getaway in Chitown. 
  1. Chicago is an extremely walkable city. Within a couple minutes, we happened to walk from north to south without even knowing it! 
  2. Art & Architecture lovers would go nuts roaming around this artistic city. 
  3. Chicagoans are super friendly! Thank you to all the baristas, associates, and friends that helped us out during this weekend. Y'all made this weekend fun. 
I absolutely love being a tourist. There's just something special about exploring an unfamiliar place with a fresh new perspective. Stay tuned for more on my Chicago adventure!